Hello and welcome!
I’m Denise. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, the Tinker Man’s Daughter.
Growing up in a tinkering household my parents encouraged freedom of expression and nourished the creativity in me. They taught me the skills it takes to visualize an idea in my mind and work through the process flow of manifesting that idea into a reality.
My Dad, dubbed The Tinker Man, always had some sort of project in the works going on around our house and out in the garage. Together he and Mom would knock out some really cool creations. They have photo albums with many before and after pictures of vehicles they overhauled together to ceramics they made. Ceramics was one of my favorites. At one point they had many of their own molds and two large kilns for firing and were selling personalized coffee mugs to a small local diner that truly catered to their customers.
Mom and Dad’s harmonious teamwork made a huge impression on me and has had a ripple effect. I too enjoy tinkering especially in the crafters’ world. There are so many outlets for creativity in the crafter’s world and I see inspiration around every corner. Finding which sort of crafts to focus on is a real challenge for me because I love them all!
I enjoy making pieces that will impact the way others feel. I believe that when we surround ourselves with positive anchors it produces good vibes and increases self-esteem. Creating special keepsakes that express passions, are uplifting, encouraging, will evoke a positive mindset, and can be personalized is what I do best.
Along with working a full-time job outside of the home I also manage everything in my small business myself which keeps me incredibly busy.
I’m also in the process of overhauling this website thetinkermansdaughter.com which I hope at some point to be able to offer other creations as well as my bracelets.
While I work on getting this site built please visit my Etsy shop to see what I have readily available to ship and make purchases. Click the link below.
Please feel free to contact me if there is a special bracelet that I could help you create for yourself or a loved one. I’m always happy to answer any questions.

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